Prophets to Islam

Looking to the future, the Lord foresaw Iran 'would be the ones'  who would bring forth Armegeddon.  For that reason He chose to birth the newest world-wide religion, the Bahai faith (estab: 1844), of all places, in Iran! Today, they are the largest non-muslim religious minority living there (300,000 believers).
       They are God's appointed prophets to Islam! Through them, the Lord has been trying to change the following muslim heresy; their dangerous, negative view of other faiths.
        One of the Bahais' foundational beliefs is that all the monotheistic faiths that there are in the world today are sacred (since all muslims also believe the following heresy, "Mohammed is the seal of the prophets",  its been nearly impossible for the Almighty to get thru to the devout muslims;
who are God-fearing on one hand, and deceived on the other.
        When the Almighty sees the need He sends a prophet. Since Islam is the 'devil's stealth religion', part of its doctrine is that Mohammed is the last prophet. Therefore, the Bahais are not received.  Rather, they are looked upon as accursed heretics! (If not for the sake of world-opinion, in muslim majority countries these courageous folk would probably be the victims of genocide to silence them. Its obvious, for a long time the Almighty has desired to change the intractable & dangerous heresies of Islam)

Bahai ideology:  There is one God, the Creator, whose successive revelations of His will to humanity has been the chief civilizing force in history. The agents of this process have been the Divine Messengers whom people have seen chiefly as the founders of separate religious systems (Abraham, Zoroaster Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Christ, and Muhammad).
    The Messengers' common purpose has been to bring the human race to moral and spiritual maturity.
   Additionally, Bahais encourage each person to make an independent search for truth, without preconditions.